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At Story Fresh we are dedicated to providing the freshest, best quality product  - year round
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100% Aussie, 100% Family

Our family has been farming for 4 Generations, since 1965
Processing on-farm since 1990
4 Farms
1 On-farm processing facility
Family owned, family run

Vertically Integrated - Seed To Plate

We are farmers first - we grow the most difficult, delicate leafy crops ourselves with our own seeding line, nursery and farms
On farm processing - when the crops are ready they are cut, vacuum cooled, washed, packed and on their way as quick as 24 hours after harvest
No transport or storage between farm and processing = fresher product

Sophisticated Automation

We use advanced systems to reduce water use, improve yield and grow stronger crops
We have our own vacuum coolers on each farm - the product is cooled faster so it lasts longer
Our packing is fully automated using state of the art cutting, multi spectrum sorting, washing, drying and packing equipment
This means the product gets to you faster, fresher and with more consistent quality

Food Safe

Enormous experience, technical knowledge and effort goes in to making our products clean and safe, every day
Comprehensive food safety system across all aspects of our business
Externally certified to the highest levels
Farm - Global Gap, Freshcare
Processing - SQF Level 3, HACCP


We look after our environment
No short cuts - we go the extra mile every day